All-Safe, Inc.
"Proudly serving those who serve our country"
Cage Code: 2X264
   EIN # 31-1066484
DUNS # 10-162-4476
Products & Services
* Government & Industrial Dealer / Distributor
* Our quality system is ISO 9002 (Tailored)
* We are EDI capable
* We handle all military packaging requirements & bar coding at our location
* Government credit cards accepted
* Access to hundreds of manufacturers & federal stock classes

In our operating history, we have supplied a wide variety of parts and equipment to the military.   The following is a small sample of the items we presently supply and have supplied in the past:

     AC & DC motors                 Fire Extinguishers                 Relays              
     Air conditioners                  Fire Fighting equipment        Rotors
     Air sprayer systems           Fittings                                  Rubber Products
     Antennas                           Gaskets                                 Safety Equipment
     Assemblies                        Gauges                                 Seal Kits / Seals
     Belts & Hoses                    Gears                                    Shafts
     Brackets                            Generators                            Shock absorbers
     Brakes                               Gun parts                              Springs 
     Bushings                            Handles                                Straps
     Casters                              Hinges                                  Switches
     Clamps                              Housings                               Swivel joints
     Condensers                       Indicators                             Tires
     Connectors                        Marine products                   Tools
     Containers                         Mortuary Tables                   Transducers
     Control assemblies            Nozzles                                 Transformers
     Couplings                           Pins                                      Transmission parts
     Cylinders                            Pistons                                 Valves- All Types
     Doors                                 Plugs                                    Washers
     Electronic components      Power Supplies                     Winches
     Engine parts                      Pumps                                  Windows
     Fenders                             Reducers                              Wire & Cable
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